How to wake up without feeling groggy

I haven't been able to sleep too well since hitting the ripe old age of thirty. Surely, one is not alone in this problem. The major problem besides waking up in the middle of the night is actually being able to wake up without wanting to smash the snooze button with my fist.

When waking up at some fixed time, I seemed to never wake up feeling like I do when I just wake naturally on the weekends when I am not supposed to be anywhere in particular. After doing a little research on sleep cycles, circadian rhythms and whatnot, I came across something called sleep inertia. That is groggy feeling that seems like an overwhelming cloud in the mornings that hangs over until dispersed by time or a tank of coffee. This is caused by waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle. So if a person can just figure out how to avoid waking in between sleep cycles, sleep intertia can be reduced if not eliminated. In comes the sleep calculator .

With the sleep calculator from we can just put in the time we are wishing to wake or fall asleep can a time table is automatically generated with the proper times. One difference between this and other sleep timing apps online is that most of the others assume each cycle is 90 minutes. This is not true! Only the first cycle is 90 minutes with the subsequent cycles running anywhere from 100 to 120 minutes long, depending on the person. The calculator from when to sleep has an adjustable input for length of the average cycle that is the average by default but can be tuned over a few days by the user. Check it out, it just may help you reclaim your mornings.

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